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Mitsubishi Alpha 2

Alpha 2: Advanced Tiny Giants

Alpha 2 Base Unit

The Alpha 2 (Alpha XL), an upgrade on Mitsubishi's Alpha controller, fills the gap between traditional relays and timers and a full-fledged PLC, offering functionality, reliability, and flexibility without the worry of increased overhead cost. Aimed at very low end applications where a traditional PLC is not required, the Alpha 2 offers some unique capabilities, such as high current relays, built-in analog inputs, built-in HMI, real time clock, AS-i networking, and an innovative graphical programming system.

The Alpha 2 is the perfect maintenance product, yet can adequately control a new process from the start. The Alpha 2 can process up to 200 function blocks in a single program, and every single function (timers, counters, analog signal processing, calendar, clock etc.) can be used as many times as you need in all your programs.

The Alpha 2 (Alpha XL) brings the benefits of the Alpha closer to the functionality of a Micro PLC. The Alpha 2 has fifteen new function blocks including mathematical operations, PWM, 1KHz high speed counter and SMS text messaging, along with a wide operating temperature (-25 to 55°C). The large back lit screen features display options including bar graphs and scrolling text. Optional extension units can increase the I/O by four points of digital I/O.


Alpha 2 Extension Modules
    Base Units
  • 10, 14, & 24 I/O models
  • AC inputs on AC powered units
  • Analog/digital selectable inputs on DC powered units
  • Configurable display

    Extension Modules
  • 4 digital 24V DC inputs with integrated 1KHz counters
  • 4 digital 240V AC inputs
  • 4 relay outputs (2A)
  • 4 transistor outputs (1A)
  • 2 analog outputs (0-10V/4-20mA)
  • 2 channel thermocouple input (DC Base Units only)
  • 2 channel PT sensor input (DC Base Units only)

Alpha 2 Programming Software
    Visual Logic Software
  • Graphical software
  • Function block programming
  • Simulation function
  • Visualization tools